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Gary Morris :: The Spirit of the Mountains

Garry Morris's love for the wilderness is matched only by his love for the music that has shaped his life and captured his heart.

As a dedicated conservationist, avid outdoorsman and a fly-fisherman of no small local repute, making Colorado his home was more than a move to bring him closer to the land he loves, it was a move to bring him closer to himself... and the spirit that moves him....

The Mountain Spirit.

"I've been drawn to these mountains from the first moment I saw them," Morris recalled recently. "There is a sense of peace and power both, here... you can hear it in the wind through the Aspen trees, and the flow of the creek water across the stones in the riverbed. It's the flow of time, and I never grow weary of it. It truly is a healing place."

And not just for Morris.

For more than a decade, his Gary Morris Concert and Fundraising non-profit has been partnered with Fly Fishers International and the Abilene Fly Fishers Club to channel the healing power of those mountains into the bodies, minds and spirits of wounded American servicemen and women, bringing them into the high country for refuge, solitude, and the 'moving meditation' of fly fishing.

"It's a way for me to give back to the men and women who've given so much to our country, and to all of us. They keep me mindful of what's important in this life...

...And that mindfulness keeps me connected to the spirit of these mountains."

Click the links below to learn more about Gary's life-changing work for American Veterans:

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